If you have an Android device you probably have heard of the APK files at some point and you may have ever wondered what that is. Understanding this is essential if you want to launch filtered app downloads or customize your Android beyond what the Play Store offers you. Today we explain what the APK files are, how to download them and how to install them.

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What is APK?

Just like Windows (PC) systems use an .exe file to install software, Android does the same. An APK file is the file format used for software installation on the Android operating system. This format is a variant of the Java JAR format and is used to distribute and install packaged components for the Android platform, both smartphones and tablets ” In summary, APK refers to a type of format for Android files, in most cases it is about applications or games, which allows us to install them on our device without having to use Google Play. It is not necessary to connect via Wi-Fi or data rate, so in case we do not want to use our data, APK files can be installed without problems.

Why install APK files


APK files allow us to install filtered applications that allow us to access new and interesting features that would otherwise not be accessible.

It also gives you access to the latest Google updates that can take a frustrating amount of time and if your device does not have access to Google Play Store services, APK files are the only option to install applications.

Download APK files

To install APK files from our smartphone or tablet, just open your browser, find the APK you want to download, from APK Mirror, for example, and click on it.

On the Internet we will find several web pages that will allow us to download APK files. Choose your trustworthy and reliable website, because sometimes the files you download may contain malware that could steal information from our smartphone.

How to Install an APK

Before proceeding with the installation we need to enable the option “Unknown Sources” by going to Menu> Settings> Applications.

Now we can install the applications from the notification of downloads or you can search the APK file with a file explorer. If you downloaded the APK on your computer you will have to copy it to your smartphone.

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