Shure Tips for Using In-Ear Headphones Correctly

From the technical department of Shure tell us some repetitive questions about the use of earphones that often ask them. And perhaps one of the most frequent is “why are my headphones missing in-ear?”.

But the feeling that in-ear headphones are devoid of bass is often false. In fact, less than 1% of the earphones that arrive with suspect “serious deficiencies” until the service of Shure ends up being really defective. Rather, the reason is usually due to the way the headphones are placed.

The best way to use your in-ear headphones

To achieve a good bass level when using in-ear headphones, each of them has to completely seal the ear canal – in fact, the slightest air in the channel will reduce the bass in a remarkable way. All this is complicated because each person has ears with different physiology. To mitigate this situation, manufacturers supply a diverse range of pads with their in-ear monitors.

Experiment with the included pads until you find the ones that perfectly fit the earphones to your ears. With your well-sealed ear canals, you will see a substantial increase in listening for bass frequencies. And if you belong to the small group of users who do not use the pads provided, it is preferable to choose to have a specialist “custom-made” pads.

On the top image we offer you a video of Shure that teaches you a good way to correctly place your monitors in-ear.

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